Cash book maintenance

Cashbook reports

Supporting additional forms

Creating incoming/outgoing cashbook vouchers


Automatic daily formation of the complete cashbook sheets


Automatic creation & numeration of the KM-3 (return form) document

Storing the template & automatic numeration of the KM-6 and KM-7 documents

KM-9 - document for checking the amount of cash in the cash till


INV-15 - Cash inventory document

Without the plugin

With the plugin

Downloading the form

Manually filling in each of the documents: incoming/outgoing cashbook vouchers (several times a day), cashbook sheets (1 per day), КМ-3 form (upon request), КМ-6, KM-7, KM-9, INV-15 FORMS - OCCURS IN THE FOLLOWING WAY:

Manually filling in the form either in electronic or printed form:

Filling the headline with the number of the form


Filling the content of the form

All of the templates for the forms are set ONLY ONCE BY THE TECHNICAL SPECIALIST FROM AKS LLC.

enter the cash register module with one click

In order to receive daily documents (КМ-6, КМ-7 and company cashbook) at the end of the day, after closing the Z-report, follow these steps:

The form is signed by the designated person

Choose the necessary form

Select the designated person


the rest of the fields are filled in automatically according to the RETAIL PRO records or manually by a cashier

Save and print the document

The form is signed by the designated person

*In order to receive КМ-3, КМ-9, INV-15 or purchase/ invoice order during OPERATION hours perform THE SAME actions without closing Z-report

Plugin advantages

Save time by automatically filling most of the fields

Zero possibility of the mistake in the document number

Significant reduction of the mistakes in the lines that are manually input by an employee


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