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System personalization is one of the primary activities of AKS LLC.

Ultimately we meticulously cater to any unique requirements our customers might have in the framework of Retail Pro software.

Fiscal plugin

Transfer of the receipt to fiscal register and printing

Accommodation for different kinds of receipts (sale/return…)

Accommodation for cash / credit card types of payment

Full support of store benefits program

Cash register module

Automatic cashbook support

Full support of cashbook reports

Storage of the templates and automatic
numeration of the additional forms

Data bridge between Retail Pro
and 1C:Accounting

Automatic uploading of the data to the ftp-server supported by 1C:Accounting

Automatic downloading of data to the
1C:Accounting from the ftp-server

Data terminal & Retail Pro bridge

Collecting and storing information into a file for future uploading into one of the Retail Pro documents

Items database transfer into the data terminal for inventory checks, receiving and transferring the merchandise

Banking POS-terminal external control via Retail Pro

Banking POS-terminal is completely managed via Retail Pro

Payment confirmation and completion of the
transaction in an automatic mode