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AKS LLC. was founded in November 1999. During these years we have come through a long process of internal development. Initially we have been offering our expertise in many different areas, such as hardware sales (scanners, label & receipt printers, etc.), anti-theft and surveillance systems for manufacturing facilities and retail outlets. At the same time we also worked on developing Unisale software for food retailers.

In 2002 we became an official RPI business partner. We started offering American retail management solution for potential clients in Russia and CIS. We have been successful in finding and supporting projects on Retail Pro 7 and have been able to show the value of AKS LLC. to our partners and clients. We soon realized that we have to make a defining choice. We were not able to offer such a diverse set of services with the constant level of quality.

We enjoyed working with numerous European and American partners when we were involved into the cross-national store openings. Retail industry is one of the leading sectors of the economy and we sincerely wanted to contribute to its development in Russia. In cooperation and with the help of our European partners we have been enabled to share our experience and other advantages of multinational expertise to our clients, which fuelled the growth of Russian economy.

We have decided that offering and supporting Retail Pro software should be the core line of our business. We spent a lot of time on adjusting Retail Pro software for the requirements of Russian legislation. During that time our specialists developed more than 30 plugins and made a lot of small adjustments to the system. Also during that period Retail Pro 8 was released, which was characherized by significant improvements in database management and other areas.

Our efforts were not overlooked. By 2006 we have facilitated more than 300 store openings and received the “Golden Master BP” status. We are proud of our achievements and we always work hard on providing the best possible result. The only acceptable result for us is a client who has met his demands with the help of the Retail Pro.

In 2009 Retail Pro 9 was released. It turned a new page in the development of AKS LLC. After several test installations, we realized that Oracle-based solution is incredibly comfortable, technically advanced and simply enjoyable. Therefore we began working on its implementation in Russia and CIS. In cooperation with such partners as DDWay, Venistar, JLR and others we have expanded our knowledge-base of Retail Pro 9. Ever since 2011 it became our head product.................